Where to Find Metric Thread Gages that are High Quality and Cheap

If you are tired of paying high prices for the metric thread gages you have used in the past, you are probably starting to look for someone who can manufacture them for you at a cheaper price.

All that often takes is getting on the Internet and doing a little bit of research. These quick pointers can help you do just that.

Manufacturers that work with custom orders — Gage manufacturers that usually deal with custom orders are often also the ones that can offer a cheap price. This is because they are used to working on all kinds of gage orders, and are often willing to negotiate a pretty good price. Especially for custom work.

Manufacturers outside the U.S. — While buying American is always a nice thing to do, it is not always possible when you are looking for a cheap price.

This is why you should also check out manufacturers outside the U.S. that sell Metric thread gages, as they can often make them for you at a far lower price than you can get back home.

Manufacturers that discount for larger orders — Some metric thread gage manufacturers will discount quite markedly if you order a large amount from them.

Be sure you ask each one you speak to if they offer bulk order discounts and how many you would have to order before they would. If you could use that amount in a year or so, and would be saving a lot of money, be sure to order the highest amount you possibly could.

Chat rooms — Finally, join one of the chat rooms dedicated to gage suppliers and gage sellers and get tips from them on the best places to buy from for the highest quality metric thread gages.


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