Month: March 2017

Metric Thread Gages

metric-thread-gagesLet Gaugestools be your supplier of all your thread gauge needs. Gaugetools is a supplier of thread gauges based in Hubei. They delver to America, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Germany and multiple other countries. Metric thread ring gauges and metric thread plug gauges make checking thread pitch a breeze. Gaugetools can provide for you right handed or left handed gauge tools. You won’t have to wait long for your tool as they have a large selection of sizes in stock and can ship quickly. They also have a large selection of thread tolerance classes available including 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. They also have internal thread tolerance of G and H available as well as external thread pitch of e, f, g, and h.

Gauge tools has all your needs covered when it comes to measuring metric thread pitch! Not finding what you need? They can also create custom thread gauges for special projects. Need left handed thread gauges? They have pre-plated, left handed metric gauges as well. Gaugetools has most standard metric plug and ring gauges available and in stock. Gaugetools has most major standard sizes available.

They have or can make any size of thread pitch gauge that you would need for any project that utilizes metric standard. They accept all major credit cards, paypal and bank transfer. They guarantee 100 percent quality. If you find any issues with your gauges they will refund you 100 percent. Typically they ship via UPS or DHL. Metric thread is one of the most commonly used general purpose fastening devices in America and many other countries. Let Gaugetools help you with all your gauge measurements. You will not be disappointed! Read more information about Metric thread gages come visit us at our site.